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Ukrainian and other media regularly turn to ICPS analysts for independent opinion political and economic events in Ukraine. Many of them have been trained abroad and have hands-on experience. All ICPS staff speaks several languages fluently.

Volodymyr Panchenko

Volodymyr Panchenko ICPS Director,

  • Strategic planning
  • Crisis management
  • Economic policy
  • Public administration
  • Financial management

Vitaliy Demianiuk

Vitaliy Demianiuk Director, Energy Efficiency and Diversification Programs

  • Energy diversification and new energy market integration
  • Shale gas
  • Energy efficiency

Ildar Gazizullin

Ildar Gazizullin Associated Analyst

  • Macroeconomy
  • Private sector and reform of the regulatory system of local utilities
  • EU-Ukraine trade and economic relations
  • Energy policy

Vivica Williams

 Vivica Williams Associated Analyst

  • US-Ukraine relations
  • Energy and environment policy
  • Foreign technical assistance
  • Green energy

Oleksandr Zholud

Oleksandr Zholud Senior Analyst

  • Macroeconomy
  • Public financial management
  • Non-banking financial institutions
  • Monetary policy

Hanna Cherednychenko

Hanna Cherednychenko Analyst

  • Macroeconomy
  • Statistics
  • Trade
  • Private sector
  • Investments

Maksym Lysiuk

Maksym Lysiuk Analyst

  • Public consultations
  • Good governance
  • Rule of law

Ivan Ratushniak

Ivan Ratushniak Advisor

  • Public consultations

Vitaliy Bihdai

Vitaliy Bihdai Associated Analyst

  • Good Governance
  • Financial Sector Development
  • European Standards of Public Consultation

Ihor Shevliakov

Ihor Shevliakov Senior Analyst

  • Good governance
  • Public policy consultations
  • Foreign aid
  • Local economic development and local policy
  • Development of regional NGOs
  • Institutional capacity evaluation

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