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Energy sphere


Regulation: A market view

Energy sphere Where should attention be focused in order to reform Ukraines energy sector? What will membership in Energy Community bring to Ukraines energy sector? What alternatives, if any, exist to Russian gas imports? How can the government liberalize the energy market and bring tariffs in line with the actual cost of generation?   Regulation: A market view Ukraine still has no clear system of market regulation. Market control in Ukraine is fundamentally different from those systems found in Europe, making access difficult. In the ICPS database you can find a complete collection of the regulations governing Ukraines trade market....

Kyiv Strategy

Kyiv Strategy Did you know that some 295 development strategies, concepts and programs have been written for the City of Kyiv? Do you know who wrote them and why? How much public money was allocated from the State Budget to do this? ICPS analysts have put together the first and most in-depth database of all development strategies, concepts and programs regarding Kyiv.